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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join the club?

      Website: Under the CLUB tab, click BECOME A MEMBER and use the Online Membership Form
      Contact us:
      Email: thescrapbasket@jetbroadband.com
      Phone: 276-889-5200

      How do I view the current Monthly Club Kit?

        Club Members will receive an email around the first of each month introducing the new kit for that month. However, you may also view the current monthly club kit online anytime by logging in to our website and clicking KIT OF THE MONTH. You will also be able to view the last three monthly kits released on this page.

      How do I substitute my Club Kit?

      To substitute your monthly kit, simply select another kit from our collection and notify us by phone or e-mail before the 20th of each month.
      You will be notified with a confirmation.
      Email: thescrapbasket@jetbroadband.com
      Phone: 276-889-5200

      What day of the month will my credit card be billed for Club Membership?

      Your credit card will be automatically billed on the first day of each month.

      When will my monthly club kit ship?

      All monthly club kits are shipped near the end of each month.

      What is the cost for shipping?

      The standard shipping cost for USPS Priority Shipping is around $6.50.
      Once you enroll in the club, using your zip code we can give you the exact charge.
      Quarterly & Group shipping options are available to lower your shipping cost.
      Contact us for more details.

      What if I need to change my shipping or billing information for my Club Membership?

      Call our office at (276)889-5200 or send an email to thescrapbasket@jetbroadband.com
      Please note: Making changes to your information on our website only reflects your online ordering information.
      All club transactions are processed in our office, therefore

      What forms of payment does The Scrap Basket accept?

      Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

      What if I have questions or problems with my club kit?

      Give us a call at 276-889-5200 or send us an email to

      How do I cancel my club membership?

      Prior to the first day of each month, give us a call or send an e-mail to
      You will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your cancellation.

      What is the sales tax on my monthly kit?

      Virginia sales tax is 5.3%.

      How do I purchase additional kits?

      You can simply email your order to thescrapbasket@jetbroadband.com
      (or) Order Online -
      If you order additional kits online, choose the option in your cart to combine your shipping. Your order will be held and shipped with your club kit. If you choose this option, use the coupon code "Club" for a $5.50 credit on your shipping.